The College Archives, located on the fifth floor of the Gannett Center, is the repository for official records of Ithaca College, the Ithaca Conservatory of Music (1892-1926) and the Ithaca Conservatory and Affiliated Schools (1926-1931).

Recently Added Items

Que Pasa: The student handbook


This was intended to introduce new students to life at Ithaca College and to serve as a resource for the rules of the community.

Blue and gold


This booklet was intended to provide incoming students with guidance about their new life at Ithaca College and to introduce them to the rules.

Live scene of 5th Avenue with horse and buggy and crowd from Patria.

Exterior shot of horse and buggy on 5th Ave in New York City with a crowd of men and women nearby. Milton Sills and Irene Castle are in the carriage.