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Archelaus Chadwick was a set designer for the Wharton Studios and when they left Ithaca, he stayed in the Ithaca area as a faculty member of the Ithaca Conservatory and Affiliated Schools, and, later, Ithaca College.


Archelaus Chadwick

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Set from Patria.
Set, with cloth ceiling visible. Outdoor set of an indoor scene.

Irene Castle, Milton Sills and the Secret Service man in Patria, episode 2
Three actors in a tunnel or underground chamber. The Secret Service man is Paul Everton. Note on reverse of photo: Patria second episode

Eagle's Eye, ca. 1918
Three actors in a machine room -- ship? German spies ready to attack the United States. Note on image: 135

Dining room set from The Lottery Man.
Set photo with dining table. Interior set of interior scene.

Mysteries of Myra set.
The second level underground beneath the Black Order's sanctum, where lurks the Thought Monster. Set with rocks and timbers.

Office set for Beatrice Fairfax, ca. 1916
Office with Beatrice Fairfax on door, desk, phone, light , globe, chairs

Grace Darling, playing Beatrice Fairfax, in episode 8 "At the Ainsley Ball" in her Spanish costume.
Note on reverse: Hearst (?) Production. Actress with hydrangeas

Interior set with five actors from The City, 1915.
Five actors in an elegant set. Fletcher on left, Bergen in center with Elsie Esmond(?), Murnane on far right. Note from reverse: Thuro Bergen?
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