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This was intended to introduce new students to life at Ithaca College and to serve as a resource for the rules of the community.


This booklet was intended to provide incoming students with guidance about their new life at Ithaca College and to introduce them to the rules.

Exterior shot of horse and buggy on 5th Ave in New York City with a crowd of men and women nearby. Milton Sills and Irene Castle are in the carriage.

Image of a man (Estabrook) sitting close to a young woman (Sothern) while holding her hand as two other women, one young in a dark dress and the other (Bessie Wharton) old in a striped dress, watch the two. Set in a bedroom .
Note on reverse: Jean…
Shot of African American man sleeping on bench while a man in a suit with a mustache tickles his head with straw and points to another man in a suit who smiles and watches. Possible set of a train compartment.
Porter is unidentified. Figman in…
Shot of two men in coats and top hats, one is holding cloth to his face while the other helps him into a car. There are two women and a driver in a black car with suitcases.
Driver unknown. Left to right, Frances White, Lolita Robertson, Max…
Interior room set with carved wooden/cushioned chair, matching coffee table with books and urn, a floral couch and footrest. In the background is a marble sculpture next to a lamp post and stairway. To the right is a book cabinet and a large urn.
Night view of man in suit and fedora standing near a lamp post. To the left is a white marble statue in front of a hanging tapestry.
Interior office set with black wooden desk, rolling chair, telephone, lamp, and documents. Filing cabinet, globe and shelves to the left, next to a leather couch and coat rack. There are two portraits on the walls. The door reads "CHANNINGS INC.…

Interior set
Interior room set with wicker/velvet chair , velevet curtains, damll table with urn, recliner with velvet throw, tall lamp, and small bust in left corner. The walls are floral panels.
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